Implant overdentures in Chandigarh

Unlike traditional regular dentures which rest on the gums implant, overdentures are a different type of denture that gets support in the mouth by dental implants. Here, two, three, or four implants accordingly can be placed for a removable overdenture. With the increase in the number of implants retention and stability also increase. The minimum number of implants required is two, and the most common option for implant overdenture is four. This Removable dental prosthesis covers and rests on one or more remaining natural teeth, the roots of natural teeth, and on a dental prosthesis that covers and is partially supported by natural teeth, natural tooth roots, and or dental implant.

Implant overdentures Advantages

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Why are implant-supported dentures better than conventional dentures?

Implants are prostheses which gets fit into your bone implant-supported overdenture and also remain in their position. they will give you the same feel as natural teeth give you. They also improve speech capability and chewing efficiency. You can enjoy all the tastes of food without fearing your denture slipping out of your mouth.

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