Anti-Aging (Botox) / Face Lift in Chandigarh

Botox/ Anti-Ageing Injections in Chandigarh

With age fine lines starts to appear on our face which reduces the shine of one’s eyes. Anti-wrinkle injections are a clinical procedure to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles by temporarily reducing the efficiency of muscle causing it. Botulinum toxin actually blocks the nerve signal transmission for muscle contraction.

It is nominally invasive. It is a harmless and effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. It can also be applied on the forehead between the eyes.

Botox Facelift in Chandigarh

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Face Lift

With ageing skin tends to become loose and begins to sag. Upper cheek and midface elasticity starts decreasing deep wrinkles creases or hanging loose skin from the face and lose of neck skin appears. If these signs of ageing are bothering you, be assured to come here at Chandigarh dental clinic and facial aesthetic centre. Rhytidectomy or facelift will address not only this sagged skin of the face and neck but also the fascia underneath the skin. This procedure will restore a youthful, natural, blissful-looking face


The effect last usually for approx. 6 months.

Under professional health care botox injections are usually safe. But there can be some side effects or risk associated with these injections:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Dry or watery eyes
  • Droopy eyelids
  • Pain or swelling at the injection site
  • Problems in talking

Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or heaving a neurological disease should not use Botox.

Scars usually heal after face-lifting and remain hidden along the curves of the face

Mild discomfort may be present which subsides within a few days. The patient can be managed with oral painkillers.

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